Signs of Low Testosterone

Know how to identify low testosterone levels.

Reduced Sex Drive ( Low Libido)

Low testosterone can lead to reduced sexual activity and may cause unwanted stress on your relationship. You find yourself thinking less and less about sex. This can leave your spouse thinking that she is to blame or that infidelity is the root of the cause. 



Changes in Mood

Low testosterone can result in overall mood changes. It becomes more difficult to be happy and interested in activities you once enjoyed. You find yourself in a depressed mood more often that you would like. You also start to become highly irritable at even the smallest of things. 



Negative Physical Changes

Low testosterone can lead to many undesirable effects on your body. You will begin to notice increases in body-fat. This fat will be heavily concentrated in the abdominal and even the chest region. Muscle mass and bone strength with also begin to decrease. A rise in body-fat coupled with a decrease in muscle mass and bone strength is a recipe for physical disaster. 




Low Energy /Fatigue

Many assume that decreased energy is just a part of aging. It could be, but it could also be due to low testosterone. If this is the case, it will seem increasingly more difficult to complete daily routine tasks. As a result, your productivity levels will ultimately fall leaving you to feel like a shell of your former self. 



Sexual Dysfunction

Low testosterone can lead to difficultly obtaining and maintaining firm erections. This specific sexual dysfunction is known as erectile dysfunction or ED. Although majority of people with erectile dysfunction do not have low testosterone, low testosterone can still be the cause. This issue can quickly become a vicious cycle of depression and low self esteem. The inability to please a spouse is a heavy metal burden to carry.  


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