Ryan Sullivan is a personal trainer, nutrition consultant, natural bodybuilder, and the creator of Sci-Unison Fitness. He has always stood strong behind natural approaches to health and fitness. He realizes the importance of natural testosterone levels for both fitness and quality of life. His expertise in regards to weight training, nutrition, and safe supplementation have delivered results to the clients he has all across the world. 

He was brought here to help you in your fight against becoming a “male in decline”. His 120-NTB personalized program will apply a multifaceted approach to help you boost your natural testosterone levels, reclaim control of your body, and improve your quality of life. Most importantly, his approach is the natural alternative to becoming chemically dependent for the rest of your life.  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


120-Day Natural Testosterone Boosting Program / 120-NTB


The 120-NTB is a 120 day program that will help to boost your natural testosterone levels as well as your standard of living. 

The program will transform you into (or back into) a high performance individual not only in the gym, but in the places that matter most ; the work place, the home, and even the bedroom. The healthier and more fit you are, the more productive you are. It is as simple as that. The goal is to elevate then maintain your production and performance levels despite the aging process. 


The Program Includes:

  • Training charts designed to effectively manage your unique schedule. Your regimen will be geared for maximum results with enough rest days to prevent the testosterone lowering effects of overtraining.

Just because you are older, doesn’t mean you can’t workout hard. You just have to do it a little smarter now.

  • Workout plans packed with proven testosterone boosting exercises. All your workouts will be appropriately challenging and will be changed up with each training chart. Video demonstrations are also available for every exercise.

Never wander aimlessly around the gym again. Know what to train, when to train, and how to train. You will always have a plan.

  • Easy to follow nutrition plans designed to boost testosterone, decrease bodyfat, and increase lean muscle mass. The nutrition component is crucial as it will also help to reduce the female hormone estrogen. Elevated bodyfat percentages coupled with junk foods can promote higher levels of this testosterone robbing hormone. Learn which foods to eat and which to avoid. 

High quality nutrition yields a high performance man; Poor nutrition yields a sluggish man headed for decline.

  • A safe and effective supplement strategy composed of natural ingredients, herbs, and compounds. The goals of this plan are to 1) boost natural testosterone, 2) increase energy and productivity, and 3) increase physical health and fitness. Your personalized supplementation plan will get the job done. 

There is a lot of hype and danger surrounding today’s supplement market. A supplementation plan should be safe and effective.

  • This plan also comes with unlimited email/messenger support, a 1 year membership to Sci-UnisonFitness.com, a guide to boosting natural testosterone,  and much more. 

So put down all the magazines and stop following programs that aren’t in sync with your needs.

The 120-NTB is made for you; the everyday hardworking man looking to get his edge back



120-NTB Program – $449.99 for 4 months. All major credit cards accepted


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