Sleep Vital for Testosterone Levels

Sleep Vital for Testosterone Levels

We have always heard how important sleep is right ? We brush it off, take whatever we can get, and then drink a ton of coffee. Well considering that testosterone levels can be impacted by sleep, that mindset needs to change. 

 In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers compared the testosterone levels of 10 healthy young men after experiencing varying hours of sleep. 


During the first week, the men slept for eight hours each night at home. This was followed by three nights of ten hour sleep. The testosterone levels of the participants was tested and noted. 

The men were then given eight nights of 5-hour sleep in a sleep laboratory. The testosterone levels were checked at the conclusion of the eight day period. 

The results showed a 10-15% decrease in testosterone levels after the eight night span of less sleep. 

These results are very significant, especially in a world of diminishing sleep and relaxation. We have become the caffeine and 5-hour eergy society. Sleep less, stress more, and have more energy drinks. I know plenty of men who only get 5 hours of sleep. Imagine what negative effect this is having on thier lives and testosterone levels. 

If you never feel like you get a good night sleep, you have to start making small changes to fix this. Lack of sleep will hurt your overall health, productivity levels, and can tank your testosterone levels. 

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